The Girls


Our herd of cows exists out of several different breeds, Holstein Frisians, Montbelliarde crosses, Jersey crosses and some Norwegian red crosses. Our girls are very healthy, we haven`t had any health issues and homeopathic medicine is being used before conventional medicine.


Our girls go out in the fields from March till October.    We have a paddock rotation system on the farm which means that we can give our girls fresh grass every day!! This is quite unique and it takes a bit of organisation.   We have special lime tracks for the girls, where they walk to go to their fields. These tracks will help us to keep them outside as much as possible.


They will only be in their houses when the weather is too cold or too wet. When they are in their houses they have a three layered mattress with chopped straw on top. Our cows are very clever because they all take their own bed and have their own friends next to them (although there is plenty of choice!).

Difference of our milk to supermarket milk:


Cows are being milked on the farm.


This milk goes into a refrigerated storage for anything up to two days.


The milk is collected by a tanker and taken to the processing plant. This could be a 100 miles away.


The milk is again stored at the processing plant for anything up to four days.


All the milk will be pasteurised at high speed.


After this it will be standardised which means the butterfat(cream) is removed and then a certain% is put back to make either whole milk, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk. Any left over cream will be used to make other products, like butter and double cream.


All the milk will be homogenised which means that the milk is shaken so hard, all the delicate fat molecules are smashed into tiny pieces until they are unable to rise to the top.


The milk is then packed in cartons.


Milk is going out for distribution all over the country to shops and wholesalers.


So from cow to shop it could take up to a week or 10 days.


Our milk is simply filtered, pasteurised, bottled and ready to drink.    No heavy processing and no food miles.


From cow to bottle in 2 hours!!


Mmmhh that is what we call nice and fresh milk! Enjoy!



Our girls are being milked twice a day. They all get individual attention. Cows are special, they love routine and got their own friends. They will come in to the parlour in the same order to being milked. We will notice (yes I’m afraid we know all our girls, it is just like having a school I imagine) if they come in a different order. Which normally means they could be `on heat` or unwell.  We can separate an individual cow out and have a closer look at her.


They all get their udders wiped with an individual paper towel; this will clean and massage the udder at the same time.

When the girls are finished milking their teats gets sprayed with iodine to keep them supple and stop bacteria.


All the milk will firstly go through a thick paper filter and secondly a very fine gazes filter.  Your milk is received in a batch pasteuriser. Your milk will be heated for a certain amount of time and then cooled down very quickly.


Our milk is not homogenised so it will give you “the cream on top”. These natural fats (which is only 4%, the rest is water and minerals) are still intact so your body should be able to digest it better than supermarket whole milk.


Your milk will be bottled, labelled and ready to take away from our fabulous vending machine at the dairy.


This all is done from cow to bottle in 2 hours!


We are very passionate about our product and taking care of it.  We want to give you the same feeling when you get up in the morning and feed your family and yourself of course, not to forget!!   Lovely and creamy!!


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