We are Jonathan and Josette (yes that is why we are called jojo`s) and have a dairy herd based/grazing at Lotmead Farm in Wanborough. Together we have two lovely kiddies, Tom and Boris, and an amazing dog called Tess.


When we have some free time we enjoy being outdoors, going for a bike ride and kicking a ball.  If we have a day off and the sun is out our favourite thing to do, is to go to the beach.


Over the last couple of years our milk price has declined quiet dramatically. Rather than waiting for someone else to get into action we have decided that it is time for us to get into action. After a lot of late night discussions we have come to the decision to pasteurise our own milk.


It has taken a lot of effort, several arguments (as you can imagine) and a dip in our budget but we are here now and are hoping you will enjoy our product as much as we do. We think that in every village there is a farm that can provide their local people with milk and produce. This will help every farmer in the industry and keeping your village “a village”!!


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