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Our milk is simply filtered, pasteurised, bottled and ready to drink.

No heavy processing and no food miles.

From cow to bottle in 2 hours!!

Mmmhh that is what we call nice and fresh milk!


What is homogenization??? This is a process;


The cream particles in this milk are being forced under high pressure so they get the same size as the milk particles. The fat in this milk is in it`s unnatural state and your body will have problems to digest it. That is why we are very passionate about our non homogenised milk.





The big question we get is;


What is the difference between supermarket milk and your milk?


We give you one fact today; our milk comes straight from our girls and gets pasteurised (not homogenized), cooled and bottled in just 2 hours.

What you get in the supermarket could be easily 7 till 10 days old before you buy it (they are aloud to call that "fresh milk") The choise is yours,

Bon Appetite!!



This mother cow is called Lucky, she was born on the 28-03-2014, she was 2 months premature. We bottle fed her and kept her warm. She now has had her first baby calf.


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